Cooking, Cocktails and Community

About the Show

Showcasing the talented individuals that make up our community by bringing together food, music, cocktails, and inspirational stories.​ 

About the Host

Alex Belew is an award-winning chef based in Middle Tennessee. He began his career as a journeyman cook in several restaurants in Nashville, before receiving his Culinary Arts degree (with Honors) from The Art Institute of Tennessee. Alex started a catering company in 2008, which converted to a meal-prep company in 2018, when Alex opened his own restaurant – the highly-acclaimed Dallas and Jane. During this time period, he was also staging in some of the most influential kitchens in the country, such as Spoon & Stable, Blackberry Farm, and Brasserie Jo’s. ​

He has made numerous national and regional media appearances, including The Food Network, Mornings with Maria Bartiromo, The Home & Garden Show, Today in Nashville, and the Talk of the Town.

Eternally curious, Alex continually strives to learn more about pretty much everything, making him a born host. In his spare time, he enjoys being outside hiking or playing golf, making music, and being with his family.

Cooking, Cocktails, & Community

Needing some inspiration in the kitchen? Whether an experienced chef, or looking to achieve the perfect hard-boiled egg, this series has something to interest all culinary levels. Every episode includes one recipe and one cocktail.